The Go-To Standard In Data Protection 

Getting on board with GDPR  isn’t just about compliance, it’s about using data to gain the competitive advantage in your market place. It’s about commercial growth, it’s about winning the next sale. 

iCaaS software makes it easy, quick, simple and takes the burden out of your hands. Shortcut the pain, avoid the jargon, and get ahead of the rest. 

Set the mark.

Start Today – You Could Be Compliant In 48 Hours 

Let Your Leads, Clients And Supply Chain Know You’re A Compliant Business 

Research shows up to 66% of businesses will not deal with those businesses who do not demonstrate clear compliance procedures, especially those who carry out their due diligence. With our unique rating system, you’ll be able to demonstrate your iCaaS Data Compliance Rating in a simple way across your sales and marketing collateral. 

Manage Your Entire Data Protection Process 

iCaaS will manage every part of data protection compliance for you. From generating key documentation and policies to managing data breaches and subject access requests.

We’ll even remind you when the time has come to review your policies to ensure you are the ever compliant business.

Talented Experts
iCaaS enables accountancy professionals to easily access legal data compliance requirements. We are delighted to work with such talented experts and hope this alleviates another crucial issue to help accountants thrive in the digital economy.
Sion Lewis
CEO - IRIS Software
Innovative & Competitive Software
Our members and their clients needed an effective, simple to use, and innovative product which is why we are absolutely delighted to have partnered with iCaaS. Their innovative product coupled with a very competitive price tag takes the hard work out of GDPR for Accountants and their clients.
Tony Margaritelli
Chairman - ICPA
Cost-effective solution
We have no doubt that the GDPR compliance offering provided by iCaaS will be a significant aid to our members. We are committed to providing our members with cost-effective solutions in order to achieve this goal.
Sharon Gorman
Director of Development - AIA

Manage Your Data Protection In One Simple Solution

iCaaS software gives you the ability to go from zero compliance to full compliance in 48 hours.

Our software removes burden. It cuts through jargon. It enables you to ‘short-cut’ a lengthy process and procedure without the investment in time or knowledge – yet delivers evidence to a high legal standard.

Evidence of Compliance
You'll create the body of evidence required by the regulations to prove compliance.
subject access request
Did you know you have one month to respond to a SAR? You can manage your requests and more in one place on our software and with our support.
Document Management
You can create bespoke documents and policies using our advice and expertise and you store all the version controlled final creations in our solution.
Your business can gain top marks and the ultimate data score. Our nudge mechanic will help you improve, so you can score high on the grading system.
Data Review
The easy bit - our simple questions take you step by step through the process and ensure all relevant information is recorded.
Supply chain management
An essential part of your winning formula - here you can record how your suppliers handle your data in one place.
Breach Management
Breaches can happen and you must record them, our solution supports you to understand the process and what may need reported to the ICO.
We can offer you intuitive training for your full business (which comes with a full reporting suite) and also on how to maximise your data for success.
Management Tools
Designed to help you with some of the more complex steps within data protection.

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The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the data protection watchdog that enforces the rules of GDPR, making sure that businesses within the UK are compliant.

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) is an independent European body in charge of the application
of the GDPR within the EU.

iCaaS follows the guidelines set out by both these regulatory bodies.


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