The company was born after our co-founder Nicola Hartland realised there was no viable solution to her data protection requirements when managing a successful lead generation company.


Nicola Hartland
CEO & Co-Founder

Nicola is dynamic leader with a proven track record in business. As a serial entrepreneur, she has a talent for identifying how businesses can reach and exceed their business objectives.

She is regularly asked to speak at conferences and exhibitions and has previously been awarded The Role Model Award at the Woman in Business awards presented by Baroness Michelle Mone, and has been a finalist in Entrepreneur of the Year and Business Person of the Year.

A busy working mum, she successfully juggles the demands of a high-powered business career with looking after her three children.

Kevin Gaskell
Chairman & Co-Founder

Recognised as one of the outstanding leaders of his generation, Kevin Gaskell is a corporate trailblazer, serial entrepreneur and world class team builder. He is renowned for guiding iconic brands Porsche and Lamborghini from difficulty to market leadership and driving BMW to an unprecedented level of success. As an entrepreneur he has created global businesses from start-up to exit and has mentored leadership teams as they have steered businesses from adversity to success.

One of the UK’s most successful leaders and turnaround experts he firmly believes that the answers to the challenge lie within the team. He demonstrates how teams can reset their minds and achieve results that they didn’t previously believe were possible. In 2020, having only taken up rowing 2 years previously, he was in the crew which set the world record for the fastest row across the Atlantic Ocean.

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