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The do’s and don’ts of customer comms during the pandemic
July 20, 2020

Maintaining relationships with customers is a priority for most businesses, assuming they want those relationships to remain positive and productive. Today, most of these relationships are nurtured over email and SMS messaging given they are a cheap and generally effective means of reaching a customer through devices they usually have about their person. Following the enaction of the GDPR, the way businesses use these channels are subject to...

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Data Advice For The Hospitality Industry
July 7, 2020

Pubs opened at the weekend, brilliant news for the industry. But in addition to creating enough space to allow for the 1m+ distancing rule, many businesses will need to brush up on their data protection awareness. The government’s high-level guidance for pubs, bars and restaurants is asking owners and operators in England to keep a temporary record of customers’ contact detail for 21 days. BEIS is designing a system to support this and that...

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I’ll have a side order of data security please!
July 2, 2020

How the hospitality industry can comply with data protection law as lockdown eases  On June 23rd, Britons received the news that so many were eagerly anticipating; lockdown restrictions were finally to be eased. As of July 4th, we are allowed to return to their pubs, bars, and restaurants. However, there are certain quid pro quos attached to the re-opening of these establishments, one being that proprietors are to shoulder part of the...

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Do businesses still collect and store more data than they need?
May 22, 2020

Monday marks the two-year anniversary of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Strict regulations were introduced on May 25th 2008 on how organisations should handle customer data. Why then, even after two whole years of GDPR compliance, do organisations collect and store more customer data than they need? A recent Netwrix survey found that 61 per cent of organisations that comply with GDPR still collect and store more customer data than...

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Serco apologises for sharing contact tracers' email addresses
May 21, 2020

Outsourcing firm Serco – who are training staff to trace cases of Covid-19 for the UK government - has apologised after accidentally sharing the email addresses of almost 300 contact tracers. The error was made when it emailed new trainees to tell them about training. The company has so far recruited 21,000 staff, some of whom are healthcare professionals, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock. According to the BBC, Serco made the error when...

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iCaaS launches data protection training software for home workers
April 10, 2020

Employees across the UK now find themselves working from home and iCaaS has responded by launching a training solution to meet their needs.iCaaS is the Trusted Standard in Data Protection and helps businesses achieve, manage and maintain full data compliance through our fully cloud-based software solution.We have launched a training solution to meet the demands of home working and data security to help people who are still handling data –...

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Data privacy concerns for Zoom grow
April 3, 2020

“Zoom bombing” is the catchphrase everyone is talking about. No, really! This is where uninvited guests crash your meetings or chat on the popular video conferencing app that are not password protected. There are large numbers of people who are still posting the Zoom meeting number online, and without any protection, bombers can simply enter any meeting and cause havoc. Some users have complained their conferences have been 'Zoom-bombed' with...

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Handling sensitive data during COVID-19
March 31, 2020

Have you offered to help vulnerable people in your community? Have you set up any groups giving help and support during these difficult times? If so, you’re not alone as the country has been rallying round to help those most in need.Ian Hulme, Director for Regulatory Assurance at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has issued some tips on handling sensitive data during this time.At the same time, the (ICO) has also created...

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Houseparty offers $1million for proof of smear campaign over hacking rumours
March 31, 2020

The must-have video chat app for bored brits on lockdown is offering a huge reward for information about alleged hacking.Rumours started circulating that the app had been targeted by cyber criminals.Complaints about the popular video-calling service being "hacked" spread like wildfire online.The app lets friends and family make video calls, play games and hang out in a virtual "house party".The rumours indicated that Houseparty was...

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Compensation claims over Virgin Media data breach
March 26, 2020

Victims of a data breach that exposed the details of more than 900,000 people have been contacting their solicitors.Newcastle-based solicitors Ben Hoare Bell LLP are just one of the firms investigating the breach, which was allegedly down to “human error” rather than a cyber-attack.The database at the centre of the breach, contained phone numbers, home and email addresses and was accessed "on at least one occasion" by an unknown...

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