iCaaS The Trusted Standard in Data Protection for the Sport & Physical Activity sector, is working with CIMSPA to deliver Data Protection compliance.


We’re offering 40% off our data compliance software, which includes access to our training course, perfect for remaining data protection compliant whilst running your business remotely.


Using easy to understand, jargon-free language, tailored specifically to the sports and physical activity sector iCaaS takes you through a step-by-step process to securing customer data and ensuring compliance whilst running your remote business.

maintain compliance

As part of CIMSPA professional standards, you must comply with the Data Protection Regulations. iCaaS ensures that you achieve and maintain your data protection compliance, keeping you up to date with all the changes in legislation as new policies are added and revised.


Awareness training is a measure every business needs to take, so as part of your offer, we’ll include 2 free training tokens giving you access to the inbuilt training modules within the software.

CIMSPA Member And Non Member Offer

Running a physical activity business? If you’re being forced to run your business remotely, we’re offering you 40% off our software which includes access to our data protection training. 

Use code CIM40 at the checkout.

The importance of data in the health & fitness industry

The sheer volume of data created and collected, compliance means that every physical activity business owner needs to examine closely at how they handle the information they receive.


Your Data Compliance, Sorted.

Working with CIMSPA, iCaaS offers data security and compliance management software
designed for the Sport & Physical Activity Sector.

Affordable, no-contract data compliance software.

 Was £9.99/mo Now £5.99/mo

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