Fair Usage Policy

Customers with an active subscription to our GDPR Support may contact the Support Desk of The Data Support Agency Limited t/a iCaaS (referred to hereafter as iCaaS) via phone, online web chat, email and directly from their unique customer portal. All calls are logged and a unique ticket number allocated, both of which can be seen inside the customer’s portal.

The Support Desk is available during our usual business hours from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 5 pm and is closed on Bank Holidays. We typically provide a suitable response to support tickets within two working days, but in circumstances where a query is of a more complex nature, we may take more time to provide a response.

In the event of extreme usage over the purchased support time per month, iCaaS may need to restrict the amount of support agent time per month in order to maintain a consistent level of high-quality service for all customers. Should this occur, iCaaS will contact the customer to jointly prioritise their open tickets.

Customers who have subscribed to the virtual Data Protection Officer or virtual Data Support Officer service will have 120 minutes GDPR support per month as part of their inclusive iCaaS service. In addition, they will be allocated 2 hours’ remote consultancy per month with their designated DPO / DSO, or another member of the team if unavailable. This time can be used in blocks, with no more than eight hours in any given month.

The Data Support Agency Limited t/a iCaaS Fair Usage Policy.

Last updated 18/07/2019