By iCaaS GDPR Practitioner Megan Kane

I have been lucky enough to speak at many networking events all over the country.

Having gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about GDPR, I’ve also been asked to be a speaker at business events.

There are common topics that are raised time and time again.

Because of the number of questions I’m asked, I’ll be launching a weekly Q&A session every Thursday at 3pm, starting next week.

These sessions will cover all the common topics.

Some of the networking events I’ve attended include Opendoorz; BNI; FSB; Connecting Biz; Buzz Connect; B2B Expo (Southampton); Hampshire Chamber of Commerce “meet the chamber” and Business Networking London.

Not only that, but I’ve also spoken at numerous prestigious events including those hosted by Santander and the First Friday Club Reading.

Next month I’ll be speaking at Data Protection Scotland on December 10th in Edinburgh.

Grass roots

I’ve always enjoyed attending networking events as it gives me a grass roots level of understanding about how people are perceiving and dealing with GDPR.

I usually get asked if GDPR is still actually a thing. There are so many people who still haven’t got to grips with GDPR and the message hasn’t got through to many organisations about the need for compliance.

Sometimes she is also met with a lot of blank looks when I mentions I work in GDPR.

It’s not uncommon when I say I work in GDPR compliance the response is “What’s that”!

I usually get told by people that they never knew where to start or still aren’t 100% where to start.

I have been told many times by people they are concerned because their staff don’t have the knowledge about it and are worried that they are going to cause a data breach for example.


A common theme in the questions I inevitably get asked at networking events is the need for effective training and how people can get the message about GDPR compliance more widely appreciated.

I generally find that whenever I speak at an event as soon as I am finished speaking, I have people cornering me asking what they need to get in place policy wise.

The topic of training is always a hot one, companies think they need to either fork out an absolute fortune on training for staff by sending them on training courses for qualifications they don’t need, or they don’t even know the first place to look for it.

I find that 90% of the time when discussing training, they make a follow up comment that the business doesn’t have the funds or resources to send staff away on courses that may be a full day or week long.


Another hot topic that people are keen to share with me at the moment is about Brexit.

It’s the buzz word of the moment, so I have people asking all the time how Brexit is going to affect data protection.

I always get at least two people asking for advice at each event because they are planning a marketing campaign.


One subject that is always met with a positive comment is when people realise the competitive price point of the iCaaS software solution.

I have never been to an event whether speaking or just attending where someone can’t get over how affordable our software is, especially for the amount you get for it.

When I have been speaking I always get people come up to me and say how much they enjoyed my talk because I can put the GDPR into “real life” terms and situations, which I think is a good reflection on iCaaS because that is how we tend to work here.


I love the fact I meet so many interesting people when she’s out at networking events.

I like getting out and meeting new faces and speaking about what we do. It’s always good for me to know for our own business what people are still finding the biggest challenges of GDPR compliance and how they are getting on with it so we can then think about how we can adapt our software to best suit the market.

I have attended loads of different events many of which run on different formats from each other. I have been to events where they have strict guidelines for attending every week which are paid-for memberships to free events than run once a month.

For example, I signed up as a member to Opendoorz as I knew straight away it would be a great fit for our business. As far as I’m aware, I am the only member that provides a GDPR solution, other members are serious businesspeople/owners who are there to better their businesses in more ways than one all the while helping their fellow members.

Opendoorz provides insightful sessions during our weekly meetings which cover the little things that when put together helps you run an effective and great business; it doesn’t just focus on how many new connections you can make.

Make sure you log on every Thursday at 3pm for my weekly Q&A session.