Home Working

Working from home presents a unique challenge for your businesses data protection and GDPR compliance. A new environment with a variety of potential data risks including borrowing company equipment, using online video calling software and human error.

As the trusted standard in data protection, we have a simple solution which helps you gain and maintain your data compliance plus a training course developed by our team of in house data compliance practitioners.


Using easy to understand jargon-free language, iCaaS takes you through a step-by-step process to securing customer data and ensuring compliance whilst running your remote business or team. 

maintain compliance

Whilst working from home  you must comply with the Data Protection Regulations. iCaaS ensures that you achieve and maintain your data protection compliance, keeping you up to date with all the changes in legislation as new policies are added and revised.


Awareness training is a measure every business needs to take, so as part of your offer, we’ll include 2 free training tokens giving you access to the inbuilt training modules within the software.

Data Protection Software

Our intuitive data protection software is designed
to help your business manage and maintain your data protection compliance in one simple solution. Jargon free and simple to use.


Our Training

Our data protection training course is here to guide your team through the data protection requirements in the UK. Fully cloud based and accessible through your browser, our training provides a comprehensive online training resource on data protection.

Learn How To Be Fully Data Compliant From Home

The training course comes with training management as standard.  This includes: user management; training status of users; full reports with scores and progress and it creates a complete training audit trail.

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