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We are working hard to add new modules to the iCaaS GDPR Management system.

These modules will be added to the solution very soon. These are very complex to devise but we have done all the hard work so they will be extremely easy for you to use and to navigate through.

The extra modules include: GDPR Training; Record of Processing Activity (ROPA) and DPIA.

GDPR Training

Our GDPR online awareness course is designed to satisfy the training needs of staff within your organisation.

The benefits of this course include awareness of GDPR principles and individuals’ rights.

The course includes an assessment which uses a mixed pool of questions for employees to answer. This can help to demonstrate to the regulator that your organisation is delivering data protection by design and default. This course is essential for all employees who interact with personal data.

ROPA (Record of Processing Activity)

GDPR requires organisations to maintain a ROPA – which must contain certain information, including the “lawful basis” for holding personal data, how it is processed, how long it is retained for and with who it is shared.

The first principle of data protection requires that all personal data be processed lawfully, fairly and transparently. Part of this involves keeping the required written documentation and making it available on request.

Our advanced module will guide you through the complex issue, easily and effectively.

DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)

The DPIA module helps minimise risk and is logged in one place, forming part of the ROPA.

Simple and intuitive tools will help your organisation identify and minimise the data protection risks of any project.

All DPIAs that your organisation completes are securely stored online in one central location. Easy-to-use DPIA assessment process to make sure your business is fully compliant with the requirements of GDPR.

The DPIA module ensures you have the correct documentation in place for GDPR compliance. It can be used for new or existing projects – you must have a log of activities whether your organisation requires a DPIA or not.

The DPIA module and the data it contains will form part of your ROPA. A DPIA is one of the specific processes mandated by the GDPR.

Our Commitment To You

After a sizeable investment of £1.2 million from a range of technology investors, we have developed a more advanced software model of our innovative iCaaS technology, offering even more features for our customers.

This has meant we can offer an even better product with enhanced features to ensure GDPR compliance.

Our commitment to delivering the most advanced, inclusive and expert solution to GDPR compliance is unparalleled. Our glowing testimonials from satisfied customers demonstrate the level of satisfaction, loyalty and trust we have gained from our clients by providing a premier service.

We are also proud to have several notable partners on board. We work closely with accredited partners of the highest calibre, ensuring we provide the most comprehensive service solution to our customers.

With ever changing legislation, our team of GDPR certified experts make sure that we are on top of all new policies and amendments to the regulation so that our clients can continue to achieve full compliance.

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