GDPR Awareness Training

The iCaaS GDPR awareness training course is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We provide you and your staff with a comprehensive online training resource on GDPR.

You will learn the key facts covered by the regulation using our training management system. It includes a complete online audit trail of all staff who have been enrolled, their progress to date, pass rates, number of attempts and much more.

With over 80% of data breaches down to human error, you can reduce the risk of breaches with effective training and in turn avoid fines and reputational damage.

GDPR Awareness Training

Course Features

Intuitive & Easy
Easy to understand, jargon-free language, making the complex subject of GDPR simple.
Body of Evidence
Our solution creates a “Body of Evidence”, as prescribed by the regulations, to support your GDPR compliance.
Multiple Questions
Every exam is bespoke for each user because it is automatically generated from a database of available questions.
No Experience Necessary
The course is easy to navigate and is suitable for all employees who handle personal data
No Time Limit
You can take as long as you like to complete the course, although in practice it should take no more than 30 minutes.
Access To GDPR Software
Receive full access to our all-in-one GDPR software - everything you need to manage your GDPR.
Full Audio Voiceover
The training modules come with a full audio voice over.
Adjustable Pass Mark
The GDPR awareness course allows you to tailor the required pass mark to the needs and requirements of your specific organisation.
Complete Audit Trail
Complete, online audit trail created which can be used when demonstrating GDPR staff training compliance.

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"Human error is to blame for 80% of UK data breaches"*1

Course Overview

Our GDPR Awareness training is a comprehensive online course made up of 9 training video modules. At the end of each module you will be asked simple questions to make sure you have understood what you have learnt.

The course is used to train all employees around GDPR and provide annual GDPR refresher training. Our engaging and professional content is delivered to all your employees via our training management system and is simple and easy to understand.

Employees can be provided access to the training from your management console and you can ensure that training has been completed and analyse exam results, creating an audit trail of your staff GDPR training.

Delivers an introduction to the GDPR and data protection.

It is very important to grasp the exact meanings of the vocabulary used with the GDPR so that you can fully understand and implement the regulation. For example, any information relating to an identified or identifiable data subject is personal data.

Remember, the accountability principle is the new “7th principle” and relates to the other 6 principles. This requires organisations to take responsibility for what they and their staff do with personal data and how they comply with the principles

The course covers all 8 rights as clearly stated by the ICO and what you need to know within your business.

Remember that all organisations processing personal data must have a Privacy Notice. This is linked to the right to be informed.

This means providing the requester with a copy of their personal information. As with other requests, any method of submitting a request is valid.

Organisations need to ensure the correct and relevant Lawful Basis is assigned to processing activities and this is documented before processing personal data. An incorrect Lawful Basis may leave businesses open to fines.

A personal data breach means a breach of security leading to the destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data.

It is important that employees know the correct procedures and maintain and continue good practice regarding handling personal data.

"37% of human error data breaches are caused by sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient - mostly via email"*1


Access to the iCaaS GDPR awareness training course is priced at £17.99 a month.

This includes access to the training management software, which allows you to enroll nominated staff, report on their progress and create the body of evidence required when demonstrating compliance to the ICO.

Included in the monthly price is 2 training tokens, allowing two members of staff to access and complete the training course.

Additional tokens can be purchased depending on the number of employees that require GDPR awareness training. Once redeemed, a token will continue to be linked to that employee until cancelled.

Fewer than 100 employees?

Gain immediate access to our training module.

More than 100 employees?

Contact us for tailored pricing and bespoke branding & content.

Training Management

The GDPR awareness training course comes with training management as standard.  This includes: user management; training status of users; full reports with scores and progress and it creates a complete GDPR training audit trail.

“iCaaS offers a unique solution to a complex problem. We decided to partner with iCaaS because they offer a sophisticated yet easy-to-use software that manages and maintains GDPR compliance for businesses of all sizes”

CEO & Executive Director of Nominet, the .uk domain name registry in the UK


Legal Responsibility

A regular programme of initial and refresher Awareness Training is required by the ICO to keep your employees up to date with the requirements of GDPR. Anyone processing personal data on behalf of an organisation must understand the importance of protecting personal data.

Our training courses provides GDPR Awareness Training which is kept updated under new guidance issued by the ICO, helping to future-proof your company’s GDPR compliance.

"Less than half of organisations train their employees on GDPR"*2

Bespoke GDPR Awareness Training

Contact us for bespoke GDPR Awareness Training, where we’ll design, build and adapt new and existing content to make the course suitable for your business requirements, complete with your brand identity.

GDPR Software Included

All your Policies & Documents

Our easy-to-use, intuitive system allows you to create bespoke GDPR compliant policies and documents using our document generator.

Easy GDPR Management

Complete GDPR management, including Subject Access Request (SAR) and Breach management, Supply Chain management and more.

Body of Evidence

Our solution creates a “Body of Evidence” as prescribed by the regulations as proof of your GDPR compliance.

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