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Consumers switch off after data breach
September 30, 2019

In the UK, 44% of consumers claim they will stop spending with a business for several months in the immediate aftermath of a security breach? And 41% of consumers claim they will never return to...

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GDPR and Brexit
September 18, 2019

Deal or no deal? No, this is not a reference to the popular Noel Edmonds gameshow and there are no winners. In the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, with no agreed arrangements covering data...

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Personal health data shared with Facebook
September 12, 2019

Intimate personal health data is being shared with Facebook, according to a study from Privacy International (PI). PI studied a range of period-tracking apps to see exactly what info...

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New deepfake app Zao prompts privacy concerns
September 9, 2019

A viral Chinese app that lets users swap their faces with film or TV characters has sparked a privacy row. Users provide a series of selfies in which they blink, move their mouths and mak...

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iPhones "silently" hacked for years
September 3, 2019

iPhone users have been “quietly” hacked by rogue websites, according to Google. The tech giant warned that hackers compromised iPhones after users simply visited certain affected websites...

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Sweden has issued its first fine under GDPR
August 29, 2019

The Swedish data protection agency (DPA) has issued the country's first GDPR fine, after a school was found improperly using facial recognition technology to monitor the attendance of its studen...

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ICO privacy concerns over digital currency Libra
August 14, 2019

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have raised concerns over Facebook’s plans to launch their new digital currency, Libra. The UK’s data watchdog has joined forces with an inte...

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iCaaS - Making GDPR Easy
August 8, 2019

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new, innovative GDPR management software, iCaaS. This is now available as a free 14-day trial with pricing starting from only £9.99 a mont...

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