Breach Management

We know that data breaches do happen and that not all need to be reported to the ICO – but they must be recorded.

It’s vital to know what to do in times of crisis and our breach management module will guide you through the complexities and importantly, tell you if you even need to report the breach to the ICO.

Breach Management Module

Breach Management Features

Breach guidance
Clear guidance in the event of a data breach with detailed instructions about what to do and when to do it.
Report Generator
Auto-completes the required documentation for the ICO when a data breach report needs to be issued to them using their template.
Notification Management
Tool will identify if users and the ICO need to be notified in the event of a breach and how they should be contacted.
Alerts and Reminders
Follow-up reminders post-breach to check if any details have changed and what additional action is required.
Easy To Use
The simple and easy-to-use system guides you through how to manage any data breaches which you may experience.
Additional Users
Additional users can be granted access to the breach management module allowing for easy management of ongoing activity.