Data Compliance Rating

The iCaaS data compliance rating is your sales secret weapon. No longer is compliance just another cost line in your budget. It’s here to help you to win more sales.

Demonstrate your compliance. Generate more business. Close more deals.

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The iCaaS Data Compliance Rating

Use the data compliance rating across your marketing collateral, website, financial documentation and contracts. 

Let your customers, potential customers, suppliers and stakeholders know you’re a compliant business. After all, 66% of businesses won’t deal with those who are not.

How it works

Your data compliance rating is calculated based on your compliance, as according to the iCaaS software.  

After completing the required information about your data processes, the system will automatically assign you a score out of 100. The score is then translated into your iCaaS data compliance star rating.

Demonstrate your compliance. Win more business and protect yours.  

Other iCaaS data compliance rating features

Compliance guidance
The compliance modules will flag any areas of compliance that requires immediate action with guidance about how to resolve those issues.
Publish your score
Ability to publicly publish your compliance score, allowing other organisations to view your GDPR status and see that you are adhering to iCaaS and ICO standards.
Alerts and Reminders
Alerts and reminders when your score drops with tools and tips for achieving and maintaining your required compliance score.
Score Calculation
Your compliance score is unique to your organisation and calculated by analysing your compliance answers and relating them to the organisation’s requirements.
Evidence of Compliance
Our solution creates a “Body of Evidence” as prescribed by the regulations as proof of your GDPR compliance.
Monthly Questions
Monthly questions help you manage your compliance commitment. You'll also receive tips on how to increase and maintain your score.