Data Review

Our software covers all the details about how you manage your personal data.

Simple, comprehensive questions guide you through the entire process ensuring all relevant information is captured. You don’t need to be an expert in data protection or GDPR as the system allows you to review all data relevant to your business such as finance, HR and more.

Data Review Module

Data Review Features

Complete Guidance
Simple, easy to understand questions guide you throughout the entire data review process.
Comprehensive checklist
Our checklist module contains a series of statements which helps guide your organisation to become compliant.
3rd Party Management
Manage all your third party data recipients and their relationship with your data in one place.
Data Capture
The intelligent system asks you relevant questions at the right time ensuring that all necessary information is recorded.
No Prior knowledge
No prior knowledge is required – the system does all the hard work for you.
Organisation Coverage
Every area of your organisation which handles personal data can be recorded including finance, marketing, HR and more.