Compliance guidance
The compliance modules will flag any areas of compliance that requires immediate action with guidance about how to resolve those issues.
Publish your score
Ability to publicly publish your compliance score, allowing other organisations to view your GDPR status and see that you are adhering to iCaaS and ICO standards.
Alerts and Reminders
Alerts and reminders when your score drops with tools and tips for achieving and maintaining your required compliance score.
Score Calculation
Your compliance score is unique to your organisation and calculated by analysing your compliance answers and relating them to the organisation’s requirements.
Evidence of Compliance
Our solution creates a “Body of Evidence” as prescribed by the regulations as proof of your GDPR compliance.
Monthly Questions
Monthly questions help you manage your compliance commitment. You'll also receive tips on how to increase and maintain your score.
Bespoke Policies
Comprehensive policies automatically created, tailored to the activities and requirements of your organisation.
Lifetime Updates
As new guidance is released by the ICO, our tool will automatically create the latest documents for you, ready to be downloaded and published.
Automatically Created
Documents created automatically based on your company information provided in the Data Review section
Alerts and Reminders
Alerts and reminders informs you when updated policies are available to be downloaded and published.
Secure Storage
All your documents & policies securely stored with version control including those documents you upload
Additional Edits
Once your document has been generated, you can add, edit and update your document as required.
Breach guidance
Clear guidance in the event of a data breach with detailed instructions about what to do and when to do it.
Report Generator
Auto-completes the required documentation for the ICO when a data breach report needs to be issued to them using their template.
Notification Management
Tool will identify if users and the ICO need to be notified in the event of a breach and how they should be contacted.
Alerts and Reminders
Follow-up reminders post-breach to check if any details have changed and what additional action is required.
Easy To Use
The simple and easy-to-use system guides you through how to manage any data breaches which you may experience.
Additional Users
Additional users can be granted access to the breach management module allowing for easy management of ongoing activity.
Complete Guidance
Simple, easy to understand questions guide you throughout the entire data review process.
Comprehensive checklist
Our checklist module contains a series of statements which helps guide your organisation to become compliant.
3rd Party Management
Manage all your third party data recipients and their relationship with your data in one place.
Data Capture
The intelligent system asks you relevant questions at the right time ensuring that all necessary information is recorded.
No Prior knowledge
No prior knowledge is required – the system does all the hard work for you.
Organisation Coverage
Every area of your organisation which handles personal data can be recorded including finance, marketing, HR and more.
Alerts and Reminders
Our software will make sure that you are compliant on time with alerts and reminders, reducing the risk of penalties.
Subject Access Request
Tools included to ensure that you only send the correct information relating to Subject Access Requests, within the one month time frame.
Securely Stored
Any rights requests that your organisation receives are securely stored online in one central location.
record of activity
Our advanced GDPR software keeps a comprehensive record of all activity.
Easy To Use
The simple and easy-to-use system guides you through how to manage any rights requests you receive.
Additional Users
Additional users can be granted access to the rights & requests module allowing for easy management of ongoing activity.

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