GDPR Audit For Your Business

It's healthy for your business to have a regular data check up

Why The iCaaS GDPR Audit?

The GDPR regulations reached their 2 year anniversary admist the chaos of covid-19 and many businesses have simply forgotten about their regulatory obligations.  

As we all know 2 years in business is a long time. What data you were collecting and processing in 2018 is likely to have changed. New processes, new team members… maybe even a new website…

But it is important to remember, with new processes often requires new policies. Are you collecting new data due to covid? Have you new marketing initiatives? Are these all covered in your current data regulation policies and procedures?

If you do not think they are, then the iCaaS GDPR Data Audit can help you overcome this compliance challenge

How This Will Help Your Business

Data regulation is no longer a tick in the box exercise. It isn’t just a legal obligation to avoid potentially hefty fines. Data compliance now helps you sell. 

Research shows us over 70% companies will not deal with a company who has incurred a data breach. It also indicates companies with strong data processes which are demonstrable to procurement teams are more likely to win the client.

What's included in the iCaaS GDPR Audit?

Our GDPR check up gives businesses the chance to re-evaluate their data compliance policies and procedures efficiently and quickly; Often in just 24 hours. 

Our qualified team of GDPR practitioners will delve into your current policies and procedures, uncovering if they remain inline with your business activities today.

Here’s what’s included

  • Business data flow identification
  • General review of policies and procedures
  • Overall compliance assessment
  • Recommendations for future compliance

The iCaaS GDPR Audit From Just £399

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